Flower RecordsTokyo Electric Soul

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Flower Records主宰 / DJ / プロデューサー / ミキシングエンジニア

1980年代末期よりクラブDJとして活動を始める。同時にあらゆるアーティストのリミックスやプロデュースを手掛け、1995年インディペンデント・レーベルFlower Recordsを立上げ、これまでにReggae Disco Rockers、Jazztronikをはじめとしたアーティスト及び、その作品を世に送り出している。

Started working as a club DJ since the late 1980s. At the same time, he worked on remixing and producing all kinds of artists, launched the Independent label Flower Records in 1995, has published artists such as Reggae Disco Rockers, Jazztronik, and his work to the world so far.
As of 2010, its own label record release exceeded 100 titles in total. A film directed by Izutsu Kazuyuki "Get Up! "Trying for music director, CM sound and TV drama" Yukemuri Sniper "in charge of soundtrack. He is active not only in DJ but also in various fields such as production.

Mixed by Eitetsu Takamiya