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アルバム "Down The Road"へのリアクションご紹介


Slowlyの別名義プロジェクト、Lost Weekendによるアルバム "Down The Road"について、海外からリアクションが届きましたのでご紹介致します。

very Balearic Breakfast
Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy (Worldwide FM/Classic Album Sundays)

 I listened to the whole thing on repeat and really enjoyed the album. The choice of sounds and the vibes are totally right at the moment.
Kay Suzuki (Time-Capsule/Beauty and Beats)

this is AWESOME
Danalogue (The Comet is Coming/Soccer 99)

What a gorgeous version of ("At Last I Am Free"); brings a totally new light to the original. 
Tina Edwards (Worldwide FM/Broadcaster, DJ & Music Journalist)

This was a very soothing way to start the day! I especially loved the cover at the end. 
It’s beautiful music, just right for now.
Emma Warren (Worldwide FM)

Super nice listen. Really enjoyed it...
Sofi Bastos (Worldwide FM)

I loved this!  I played “Lost Weekend Suite (Part 1)” on my show
Mafalda (NTS Radio)